“It has no commander, no officer or ruler” - Proverb 6

Bar-Kayma [meaning “sustainability”] Association for Culture, Art, Music and Peace fosters creative groups, projects and independent organizations in the Jerusalem cultural field.

From the stage of the initial idea to its realization and the establishment of a sustainable activity model, Bar-Kayma provides a legal, economic, organizational and marketing infrastructure and aims to promote new and innovative forms of expression and joint organization, while reducing the damages of the bureaucracy that applies to the creative field, alongside strengthening managerial abilities, professionalism and development of standards – all of these give its members tools to establish both creative and organizational independence. The organizations and initiatives working in its framework and their fruitful collaborations help establish a network of knowledge and support that is always open to new members, mutual support and growth.

Bar-Kayma has been operating in Jerusalem for over a decade, and has had a significant impact on the development of independent culture in the city: 50 active groups and cultural initiatives are thriving thanks to its support, eight of which have been recognized by the Ministry of Culture (Mazkeka and Zikuk Festival, Barbur Gallery, HaMiffal Gallery, The Jerusalem Street Orchestra, Lyric-Opera Studio and Festival, The Beit HaGat Ensemble, Wackelkontakt, HaMussach – literary magazine) and a few more are on the way to getting recognition. Bar-Kayma runs annual training and capacity building programs, which include professional training and practical courses for cultural institutions and independent entrepreneurs, as well as one-off workshops and lectures.

Bar-Kayma Association is a unique case in the local landscape and definitely a role model for similar initiatives in Jerusalem in particular and Israel in general.

Noam Kuzar – General Manager
Lidia Maletin – Project Manager
Reinhard Suave Sato – Artistic Advisor
Dror Cna’ani – Accountant
Tali Bogen – DevOps and Sys Admin

Gilboa Weissfish BDSK – CPA
Bill the Robot
Lucy the Multipractic

Board Members:
Nisim Mossek
Nili Perelmuter
Eyal Levit
Emiko Kojima


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