Regulations and policies of the website

The website is the official website of Bar-Kayma for Culture, Art, Music and Peace #580450898.

The purpose of the website is to convey reliable, true, correct and accurate information, to present the association’s activities and to be a collaborative platform for presenting various topics and activities in the field of culture in Jerusalem in particular, as well as in Israel and the world.

The operators of the site and the association are not responsible for events, activities, calls for entries, or any other information that will be published on the site, beyond publishing the information publicly and bringing it to the public.

Accessibility: We make great efforts so that the site and the information on it are available and accessible to everyone, if you encounter one or another problem we will be very happy to hear.

Privacy: Also, we make great efforts to maintain transparency and privacy. Anonymous browsing data is collected for the purpose of control and statistics, and certain features on the site may require the use of “cookies”, identification, registration, etc. In any case where personal data is collected, whether by the site or by a third party, it will be for the defined purpose only (For example, registering on the website, purchasing products, joining a mailing list, making contact, etc.). The site and the information contained therein are hosted on servers in Israel or abroad with information protection and security systems, but we are not responsible for any malfunction or hacking as a result of a third party’s failure.

Terms of use: Users who register on the site undertake to use it reasonably, without causing damage or malicious intent. It is the responsibility of the users of the website to upload appropriate content, which does not violate copyright, privacy or any other right, to not upload content that calls for discrimination or racism, violence or violation of the law. Uploading such content is not the responsibility of the website operators, and if you come across such content, please let us know and we will remove it immediately.

Copyright: The copyright for the original content on the site is under the CC-BY license, but there may be photos, images, sound clips, videos and texts that are not owned by the site and are presented for review, criticism or public information. If you want to use content from the website for different purposes, you must contact us to obtain confirmation that the content is owned by the website operators or to refer to the rights holders.

In any case if you encounter any problem while browsing the site, we will be happy to hear and fix it.