Fanzine - פנזין

The culture and video fanzine jerusalemite.TV is a monthly video fanzine covering events, artists and trends in contemporary Jerusalem culture. The fanzine reviews the activities of dozens of organizations and groups that operate under Bar-Kayma, and include cultural centers and creative groups from a variety of backgrounds and media, as well as artists, groups and other organizations that operate in the Jerusalem cultural field.

Each episode includes a coverage of what is happening in the local culture, a sample of clips and new videos and animations by Jerusalem creators are shown, and original clips by local creators are produced for the panzine.

As a whole, each episode presents a wide range of contemporary Jerusalem art, in various fields of art and media.

Concept and Management: Lidia Maletin and Noam Kuzar
Head Director: Noam Kuzar
Chief Editor: Hila Spector
Artistic Director: Reinhard Suave Sato
Crew: Shira Marek, Sara Siegal, Idan Zarmon, David Lockard and more
Sound Editing: Amir Boltzman, Avraham Kover
Social: Yotam Michael Yogev

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SEASON 04 - 2022

SEASON 03 - 2021

SEASON 02 - 2020

SEASON 01 - 2019